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How do I get a quote?

You can get a freight and GST inclusive price by creating an order in My LEP. The only difference is there’s no need to attach artwork, or to press the Submit button at the end of the order creation.

  1. From the Home tab, click on the product link you are wanting a price for. This will take you to the Job screen for entering the specifications of the job.
  2. Using the fields and drop-down menus provided, complete the job specifications If the system is unable to price it will then prompt you to continue to then submit your quote. You may receive a price but by adding special instructions this price will be removed and then you will need to continue to the next page to submit your quote.
  3. To receive your quote please go back into the order tab and click on You’ve Started and view the order. A price including Freight & GST will then all be there on the orders screen.

If you are needing a quote you can also send it in via email and our friendly Customer Service staff will be in contact.

How to get freight to a different address

If you want the freight inclusive price to a different address, you can enter the address in the Delivery Details area and keep editing the freight to see your different options.