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Business Cards

Australia’s largest range of same-day and next-day dispatch.

Having a stand-out business card is important.
LEP can deliver the goods.

We produce over one million business cards every week, so you’re in very experienced hands.

The printing detail of your business card is up to you. Choose from our large range of standard stocks and options, or talk to us about customising them.

Printing Options

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Printing Options Artwork Guidelines Artwork Templates
  • Standard Size – 90mm x 54mm and 90mm x 55mm
  • Die cut Round Corner Size – 86mm x 50mm
  • Double Business Card Standard Size – 90mm x 110mm or 180mm x 54mm
  • Full Colour Front and Back
  • Black and White / Grey Scale Back or Unprinted
  • Matt or Gloss Celloglazing
  • Available on One or Both Sides
  • No Celloglazing also available
  • Hole Drilling: 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm or 8mm
  • Round Corners Standard: 6mm or 10mm
  • Round Corners Die Cut: 3mm, 6mm or 24mm
  • 400gsm & 310gsm LEP Deluxe Artboard OFFSET
  • 350gsm & 310gsm Deluxe Artboard DIGITAL
  • 350gsm Loyalty Card, 400gsm (0.4ums) Plastic, 350gsm Recycled also available
  • Custom Trim, Custom Size and Custom Die Cutting also available
  • Next Day Dispatch available for no extra charge on 400gsm with Matt cello both sides or Gloss cello one side – contact us for more details.
2mm on all sides
3mm in from all sides
PDF version 1.4 or higher
300 dpi for all images / 800 dpi for all text as an image
Colours must be either CMYK or Grey Scale (i.e. no RGB, Pantone or Spot Colours)
All fonts must be embedded or converted to curves
Borders and type must be within safe zone as variations may occur when trimming
Ensure your artwork matches your order specifications. Overprint must be turned off.

General Instructions:

  • Artwork must be correctly sized with required amounts of bleed
  • All transparency effects are to be flattened
  • Overprint must be turned off
  • All colour profiles are to be removed
  • Ensure all images are at correct resolution
  • Registration marks, keylines, dielines and other non-printing items must be removed
  • Crop marks, if required, are to be positioned outside bleed area.
  • Hole drilling indicated on front art by a 1mm magenta dot centre of drill position.
  • For full colour printing of large solid black areas a rich black will produce a deeper black colour and a better printed result. We recommend a rich black of the following values 30,20,20,100 cmyk.

Should we need to contact you regarding your artwork, you will be contacted by email only. LEP Colour Printers do not correct, modify or proofread artwork. All files are printed as supplied to us.

Super-fast dispatch

When your client wants it yesterday, the best you can do is get it there as fast as possible. Our same-day dispatch service can help get you out of hot water… or you can simply use it to impress your clients. If your client can wait a little longer, opt for next-day dispatch or standard delivery. Then, all that’s left to do is choose your courier service to match.