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Can I add my company's logo?

Add your own mark!

You can add your company’s logo and contact details to your orders.

To do this, log onto My LEP and go to your personal settings.

From the Contact section, click on the Upload Logo button and browse to and select your image (containing your logo and any address details) and then click OK.

Then, when finalising the delivery details for your order, tick the “attach logo label to this order” box and add your reference details in the reference box.

LEP will then print a customised label at the time of dispatch and apply your label to all of the job cartons within that order at no extra cost.


Tips to look your best:

  • Actual label size is 73mm high by 101mm wide.
  • Print area is 58mm high by 97mm wide (i.e. with a 2mm unprinted plain white border).
  • The label has two print areas, one at the top for your image and a small text section at the bottom for your reference details.
    • Approx 59mm high by 97mm wide.
    • Image file size optimised to no greater than 130kb.
    • Approx 10mm high by 97mm wide.
    • Maximum # of characters 20, printed in black text.
    • Must be saved as a .jpg file.