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How to add another job to an order

Save freight by bundling multiple jobs on one order.

Once you have completed the details of your first job and you are back on the order screen, you will see the first job has been added to the Order and a Freight Charge (to the address listed in the Delivery Details section above) is included for that single job. You’ll notice GST is also included.

There are two ways you can now add a second Job to the Order:

  1. To add a different job to your order, click the “Add new job” button. For example, you’ve ordered a set of business cards and now want to order DL flyers.
  2. To make a copy of a Job ordered, click the “Copy Job” link next to the current Job. This will make a copy of the Job with the same specifications.

If you have copied a Job, all you need to do now is click on the “View job” link of the new Job, which will open the Job Screen, and then:

  1. amend the specifications of the second job (if applicable)
  2. amend the Job name to something more suitable
  3. upload the correct artwork for the new Job.

Note: Freight savings will vary based on delivery address, product type and freight service.

Finally, select the Submit Order button.